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Luxury Performance, No Bad Stuff® brand Saints & Sinners was born of a need for truly safe products with unparalleled, luxurious performance. Founders Michael & Diana Wilson insist their formulas be clean and free of irritants as their children suffer from life-threatening allergies. Saints & Sinners is one of the few brands that takes the extra time and expense to ensure their products are allergen tested and clinically certified non-irritating.

Saints & Sinners is their destiny. Michael & Diana Wilson have worked with some of industry's biggest and most iconic brands and knew they could do so much better. Success in the beauty business comes from more than making great products. It's all the other details that makes a brand special. The philosophy of the founders to give back, to never sacrifice quality, to create from love, to be a loyal partner and to care for consumers is what makes Saints & Sinners the magical brand that it is.

Michael and Diana Wilson

With their combined 80 years of beauty industry experience, Saints & Sinners Founders Michael & Diana Wilson epitomize not just the perfect marriage, but also the perfect corporate marriage. Michael with his expertise in sales & finance and Diana's innate understanding of the creative process. Having built multimillion dollar brands for others, Michael and Diana knew they could do better without cutting corners. "We've learned a lot along the way," says Diana, "not just the things that work, but the things that don't work. As an example most brands formulate for cost, not for performance. They develop a product based on how much they're willing to spend. Here at Saints & Sinners, we formulate for performance because today's savvy consumer absolutely knows the difference and it shows in our products. At the end of the day, we've created the products we would want to purchase."

"Do not insult the intelligence of a consumer," says Diana Wilson, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Saints & Sinners Haircare. "Consumers are smart, consumers are informed and consumers absolutely know the difference between a luxuriously high performing product and one that promises the moon and stars but falls flat. There is nothing more disappointing than a product not living up to its promises."

Cult Classic Saints & Sinners products and founders have been recognized for numerous awards. Michael and Diana were recently awarded Fashion Group Internationals Rising Star Beauty Entrepreneur Award recognizing the pair as top talent in the beauty space and deeming them ones to watch. "We're in great company," states Michael Wilson, Saints & Sinners CEO and Co-Founder, "while only the second haircare brand to ever achieve this prestigious award in over 70 years, Saints & Sinners is now in the company of brands like Tory Burch, Bond No. 9, Rent the Runway and Phillip Lim to name just a few."

Diana's Mother Judie

Luxury Performance, No Bad Stuff® isn't just the Saints & Sinners tagline but the foundation of everything Saint & Sinners does. While so many clean brands leave us lacking when it comes to performance, so many high performing brands rely on toxic ingredients to achieve performance goals. "We won't rest until we achieve both," states Diana. "I lost my mom to breast cancer on her 50th birthday and my best friend to ovarian cancer at only 38. Parabens, phthalates and the like are endocrine disruptors effecting our hormonal balance and I am shocked and appalled that so many haircare brands continue to embrace these toxic ingredients, some even taking to their blogs luring consumers in to a false sense of security. Known toxins have no place in products that are absorbed into our bodies. Every product we develop begins with what we call 'The Sin List,' the ingredients we will not add. What's not in the product is just as important as what's in it — we are mindful of both!"

"Sensitivities and allergies are a national epidemic," explains Michael. "There are so many allergens that can cause severe anaphylactic reactions as well as contact dermatitis. We do not subscribe to the 'fast beauty' model and at Saints & Sinners we take the time and spend the money to painstakingly handcraft our products and make sure they are clinically tested, allergen tested and certified non-irritating. To us, true luxury is about minding the details. From what's in the product, how it performs across the use experience to even just how the package looks in the shower or on the bathroom counter."

"We get asked where the name Saints & Sinners came from so I'd love to address it," shares Diana. "The Saints represent all the great characteristics we look for in a high performing product, the Saints are your 'Luxury Performance'. The Sinners are the toxic ingredients you want to avoid in a clean, healthy beauty product…that's our 'No Bad Stuff'. Luxury Performance, No Bad Stuff® isn't just a tagline, but the foundation of who we are, what we do and absolutely why we are better!"