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It is very easy to damage hair. Chemicals and hair color can cause damage as can over brushing causing mechanical damage. Frequent styling can wreak havoc on fragile locks but the biggest culprit of them all is heat!

Know Your Temperature Setting

Frequent use of tools like blow dryers, flat irons and curling wands may help you achieve the style of your dreams, but know the likelihood is high that your hair will incur the wrath of all that heat!

To make matters worse, blow dryers, flat irons and curling wands often do not specify the exact temperature you are using. Instead, they break down the different temperature ranges using vague terms like “warm, medium, and hot.” It is crucial to have insight into your true temperature control, because of what happens to your hair when things get, well, a little too hot.

Know Your Heat Protectant

Each canvas of hair is unique so products that claim “protection up to 450 degrees” certainly fail to account for the condition of each individual head of hair. Porosity, texture, density, chemical treatments, even medications all factor in to how much heat your hair can ultimately take so blanket one size fits all statements offering us protection from Hades level heat are not only disingenuous but very, very dangerous.

People may think that the hotter the temperature, the better. True, your hair may seem to behave better and be less frizzy, but again be warned. Using thermal tools that exceed 400 – 450 degrees is exceedingly damaging to your hair, ultimately weakening your hair cuticle, decreasing hair elasticity, shine and pliability. Unlike what disreputable “cuticle repairing” products may claim, this damage is irreversible.

To protect hair from thermal tools, many turn to thermal protectants and rightfully so. While many of these do provide protection like Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Styling Potion, be wary of heat protectants claiming to protect your hair up to 450 degrees. Remember, not all canvas of hair is created equal and there are too many variables at play rendering those blanket, one size fits all statements absolutely false.

Why else to wary of these products and their dubious claims? Well, guess what happens at 451 degrees?


Yep, we said it. Fire. Paper ignites at 451 degrees. So just imagine what that level of heat is doing to your hair!

So what to do? Use great heat protecting products to protect on the daily like Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner and lower heat settings will also do you good.

Cool It Down

It is physically impossible to fully protect your hair at extremely high temperatures and it is misleading to the consumer for brands to lead us astray when it comes to these heat claims.

Protect your hair with smart products and turn down the temperature on your thermal appliances. Use a product that maintains the moisture while warding off the heat, like our Velvet Divine Styling Potion. Be wary of any ‘thermal protectants’ that falsely claim to protect your hair at high temperatures no matter the condition. Trust us, your hair will thank you.

Sinfully Good Styling!