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We get it…keeping up with new trends and fads seems like a no brainer.

New trends pop up every day. With the rise of social media and influencer marketing, it is very easy for these new trends to catch on and quickly spread throughout global markets. When consumers create a demand for a type of product – a product key to the popularized trend – many companies quickly scramble to get that type of product to market to capture the attention, and wallets, of those consumers.

In the beauty industry, this is what is referred to as “fast beauty.”

Why Is Fast Beauty Bad?

Fast beauty is what it sounds like. Beauty, that is fast. Products made so cheaply and quickly to keep up with trends, often without any regard for sustainability, and more importantly, concern for the consumers’ health and well-being. Saints & Sinners takes their time in perfecting bespoke, artisan formulas but goes the extra mile when it comes to ensuring their products are safe through laboratory testing.

Sadly it’s an overlooked fact within the beauty industry that for a product to be not only good but safe, it takes months for it to become available for purchase. Safe, rigorously tested products go through various certification processes, such as Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing (HRIPT) to ensure they are non-irritating and non-allergenic. Furthermore, high quality ingredients are often more difficult to globally source and it takes months to create the perfect combination of ingredients that not only performs exceedingly well, but causes no harm to the consumer.

Think about it, while trends can last several months, they can also last as little as a week. Isn’t it suspicious that some beauty brands can create and launch a new product fast enough to repeatedly capitalize on those trends? This goes to show that these brands value not the formulation of their products, nor the time and expense spent safely testing their products – simply speed to market being their only driver.

How To Avoid Fast Beauty Products

Keep in mind that as trends change something that never goes out of style are products that outperform without jeopardizing our wellness. So if you see 10 new products from your favorite brand every month, chances are they’re a fast beauty aficionado. Do your homework, ask the questions and support the brands that not only keep you healthy but on trend like Saints & Sinners.

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