New product review! As a stylist I tend to make a cocktail with multiple products to create that perfect serum for each individual. Today I got to play with illuminati from @realsaintsandsinners on two completely different textures and the results were amazing! I used only this one product and achieved exactly what I was hoping for: shine, thermal protection and managability ! I am in product heaven:)
— C'est la Vie Salon, WI via Instagram
Your products are absolutely amazing and they smell heavenly. Thank you for being fabulous!
— Shari L. via Facebook
The texture spray adds just the right amount of product to my layers with a nice crisp scent that isn’t overpowering.
— Belle H. Portland, OR
I love the texture spray because it gives me volume and texture without any powdery residue or stickiness. It rocks!
— Cassie B. Winchester, VA
Love this Divine Dry Finish Texture Spray!
— Sharon R. Via Facebook
Absolutely love the Divine Leave In Conditioner. Always leaves my hair smooth and shiny! Can’t stop using it.
— Maia R. via Facebook
I Love the Styling Potion!!
— Suzanna P. Luray, VA
It’s definitely a change from anything I’ve EVER used. You know when I do my own color I think my hair is just resilient after all I’ve put it through, but a few weeks ago I learned differently. I ended up cutting 6 inches off and my hair was awful. From scalp to end I was so worried it wouldn’t be repaired. I got home, waited two days and used the shampoo and the hair mask... felt better than ever. Only one use. We use this on my two year olds hair (Reese) and it feels amazing and is growing so fast. So amazing!
— Rachael K. via Facebook
I’m in love! My hair is like silk, and the smell, OMG!! Believe me, you all NEED this!
— Heidi W. via Instagram
After bleaching my hair for several years it was left damaged and unhealthy, these products have been bringing my hair back to life! This is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used - not to mention the scent is to die for!
— Jessica M. via Facebook
Best product ever! I’ve received more compliments on my hair! People, I don’t know approach me and tell me I have really nice hair! It’s the product! Love it!!!!
— Ann M. via Instagram
This shampoo & conditioner is UNREAL! Truly makes your hair soft as
velvet, and smells divine! Obsessed!
— Paige B. Malibu, CA
I’ve never had this many complements on my hair!
— Chandra G. Bremen, AL
The Saints & Sinners Velvet Masque is so luxurious. My color treated, over processed hair is soft & shiny again. The entire line of products are fabulous.
— Sherry V. North Pole, AK
This is seriously the best stuff I have ever used on my hair. I never want to use anything else ever again!! Makes my hair smooth and the shine is back! No more build-up!! Oh, and it smells amazing!!!!!
— Rebecca B. Bunnell, FL
Seriously how is it possible to make something that smells so freaking wonderful??
— Teresa R. via Facebook
My hair is in love with these products. Just starting using and my hair looks and feels like silk. It is very conditioning without being heavy or greasy. I love the scents, they are very pleasing without being over powering. I’m very happy and will continue to use.
— Shelly D. San Bernadino, CA
I used the velvet divine leave in conditioner and it was amazing! I sprayed it on my hair after my shower, waited for it to dry and then straightened it. Usually when I straighten my hair it gets frizzy and isn’t very soft afterwards but today it was extremely soft, shiny, and i didn’t even need to use another product to calm the frizz afterwards! Lastly, the fact that it’s cruelty and paraben free is great and i’ll definitely be repurchasing!
— Erin H. Portland, OR
Love this brand!
— Deborah K. Vancouver, WA
Saints & Sinners is now my favority new brand this really is an amazing product!
I totally recommend Velvet Divine leave in conditioner its the boom, and smells so good too!
I can’t wait to try more of this line love it!
— Kris G. via Facebook
I don’t normally boast about a product line, but I am finding this line to be amazing.
— Amy K. via Instagram
Absolutely the best leave in conditioner I’ve ever used!
— Danielle B. Via Instagram
Seriously... my new favorite product...
— Laurie C. Via Instagram
Illuminati is pure magic...
— Deborah A. Via Instagram
This is an amazing product! I absolutely love it.
— Eloise G. via Facebook
This product is wonderful!!!! I have finally find that my, so called combination hair, is balanced out. My curls are soft and manageable and i don’t get the itchy dry scalp. I also want to point put that i am in love with the scent of these! I don’t know if its possible but I would love to eventually see the fragrance of these products be made into a fragrance that i can wear (perfume)!!!
— Bethany W. via email
I used it once and i’m already obsessed! it made my hair so much softer and shinier then the leave in product i was using before! there is no frizz in my hair now.
— Anna B. Lake Oswego, OR
Extremely hydrating without weighing hair down. As a hair stylist I can use it on all on types of hair. Love these products!
— Tanya P. Orange, CA
The shampoo and conditioner made my hair so silky and shiny. The hair masque was great too.
— Jamie M. Lockport, NY
The new texture spray is awesome! Gives body and texture without that grit feeling!
— Teresa C. via Email
It was like a miracle on my hair.
— Ashley W. Cullman, AL
Love, Love, Love Everything about this!
— Debbie B. Glendale, CA
I have been using these products for a few months now. Don’t know how I did my hair without them!
— Melanie H. via Facebook
I’ve always struggled with tangles and my hair has never been this easy to comb out.
— Harley N. Good Hope, AL
I absolutely love Saints & Sinners product line. One week ago, I was dealing with dry, tangled hair. The result after one week of Shampoo and Conditioner is shiny, sleek, soft and more manageable hair!
— Veronica Palm Coast, FL
I’m in love with this product! Smells amazing and works beautifully! Thank you Real Saints & Sinners for great products!
— Nancy Rae M. via Facebook
— Liv B. Jackson, MS
I love these products! I have been using the Divine Daily Shampoo and Conditioner for some time and I can’t recommend them enough. My hair feels so shiny and frizz free, love it
— Mackenzie P. via Facebook
Used this for the first time today. I am in love with how soft my hair is and the shine... oh the shine is amazing.
— Amanda S. Via Facebook
I just used this stuff for the first time last week, but it’s quickly becoming one of my most prized products! Talk about SERIOUS softness and monster shine! Saints & Sinners never disappoint.
— Courtney P. Via Instagram
I just tried Saints & Sinners Leave in Conditioner, and I love it!!! My hair was dry, frizzy and looked unhealthy. After one use of this “miracle” Conditioner, my hair is shiny, softer and I’m getting more compliments on my hair than ever before! You have to try this!!!
— Jolie C. La Quinta, CA
Love..Love.. Love..the whole product line, my hair is so shiny and healthy looking! Can’t believe how many relatives complimented how wonderful my hair smelled as we hugged over the Thanksgiving holiday!
— Christie B. Kennewick, WA
Love your products!
— Sadie G. Santa Rosa, CA
I waited til today to try this because I wanted to see how it worked with the rain and humidity! It was awesome! Completely controlled my frizz! Amazing product!I love it!!!
— Beverly B. Via Facebook
I could eat that tub of Velvet Hair Masque…smells fabulous!!!
— Ami M. Rocklin, CA
I told my husband after using Saints & Sinners Shampoo and the Masque for the first time, that after 46 years of him bringing home countless products for me to try that Saints & Sinners was absolutely the BEST EVER.
Now that I have used the rest of the products all I can say is WOW, it’s truly the best ever. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!!!!
— Sue C. Syracuse, NY
I just tried this for the first time today! Im obsessed!
— Nelsy S. Via Instagram
Loooooooove it!!!!! In love with the conditioner especially
I love the Leave-In and I’m bringing the masque with me to upstate so I can get even sinnerier hair!!!!
— Jen R. New York, NY
I am in love with this line of hair products! The hair masque is like magic. It smells good and leaves my hair so smooth & silky! Talk about some #divinehaircare! And the best part? It’s vegan, gluten, and cruelty-free!
— Dani V. via Instagram
Wow! I’m addicted to the Shampoo!
— James W. Pasadena, CA
Just tried this for the first time last night on my client and this morning on myself. Obsessed. It’s the best oil/serum I’ve every used. But really. Best hair serum ever. The best part is it doesn’t leave a coating, once I put in my hair or my clients hair I can feel it start to absorb in my hands.
— Bradley H. Via Instagram
Hands down, the best Leave-In Conditioner I’ve EVER used!
— Lori M. West Covina, CA
My super abused hair feels DREAMY soft even just after air drying. I have NEVER felt this way about a shampoo and deep conditioner. The lather of the shampoo. UNREAL. The silkiness of the Velvet Conditioner HEAVENLY! And the fragrance…I wish it was a perfume I could buy!
— Angela M. Brush Prarie, WA
This shampoo and conditioner make my hair so soft and shiny without weighing it down! My hair hasn’t been so clean and healthy in a long time. It also smells amazing!
— Serena E, Portland, OR
Here’s some truth... I asked my mother to buy the Illuminati the next time she went to town. She lives in Alabama and I live in Florida and the nearest salon carrying it is 3 hours away. Not only did she get me the Illuminati, she got the shampoo and conditioner as well!! The very FIRST day I used this product a co-worker asked me what I did differently to my hair that day. Seriously? This product is awesome!!! I couldn’t wait to tell her all about it. 99% humidity is an everyday occurrence in Florida and I have no more frizz, uncontrollable flyaways. Best of the best!
— Pam R. via Facebook
Saints & Sinner’s Divine Hair Masque is the BOMB! A little packs a powerful punch for my stressed, frizzy locks. This masque is just like the packaging says it is, it’s like velvet but does not weigh my hair down. Instead it wranglers in the smoothness and enhances the bounce, shine, and volume!
— Alicia W. Portland, OR
Every time I use Saints & Sinners, people notice and tell me my hair looks like its growing and shiny. That’s never happened in my life!
— Cassady G. Jacksonville, FL
In my opinion this product far surpasses Redken and is a step above it’s a 10. Honestly, I have never used any smoothing product quite like it. I was sold the first time I tried it. We immediately ordered the whole line into the shop for retail.
— Amanda L. via Facebook
Love fragrance, love texture, love lather, hair feels conditioned before I use conditioner! Awesome Products!
— Sandra L. Crane Hill, AL
Saints & Sinners is amazing! I almost feel like it has been a fountain of youth for my hair. The Leave-In Conditioner is literally a miracle at how easy it is to comb through my hair, removing tangles with miraculous ease…I use the masque about once a week and it is amazing how even several days later I am still having smoother hair with much less frizz! I also use the Velvet Styling Potion and use much less Hairspray because my hair just looks good and stays better! I highly recommend the Saints & Sinners Line of products!
— Marci H. Fredericksburg, VA
I am so excited about this new brand!
— Kiela L. Coeur D’Alene ID
My hair has gotten much softer and I gave one of the hair masks to a girl at work who has really dry hair and split ends and she went nuts over it. She’s only used it once but her hair already looks much shiner and healthier!
— Krista M. Fairbanks, AK
I have been using the Saints & Sinners products for a little over a month now. I am so pleased with how the results turned out (from the Masque and the Leave-In Conditioner)! It does awesome on all types of hair and smells amazing! I can’t wait to try the other products!
— Makaela S. Roanoke, VA
I’m so very, very in LOVE with my products. I can’t believe the difference in my hair. Over the 20 plus years I did hair these are by far the best I’ve ever used.
— Pam G. Cullman, AL
I love that this brand is cruelty free!
— Hawnk The Cat, Portland, OR
I NEVER write reviews, however Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine products are absolutely incredible, so much so, I felt compelled to write about them! I have color treated hair, which has made it dry and brittle. In addition, living in Florida, the high humidity and UV rays, had me utilizing a flat iron. Instead of smoothing the frizz as intended, use of the flat iron caused my hair to split and break. I have tried what seems like every shampoo and conditioner on the market in search of one that would not strip color or over moisturize (leaving greasy feel), while promoting hair repair and growth. Nothing seemed to help. Saints & Sinners not only provides the right amount of moisture in my hair, without being weighed down, in just a short time, it has added body, shine and softness, all at the same time! This has truly been the only conditioner I have used that detangles while leaving more hair on my head then in my comb! The sultry, sophisticated, fresh fragrance is amazing, without being overpowering and since I only need to use a small amount, it goes a long way! Thanks for turning my distressed hair into fabulous and my despair into joy! My sincerest thanks for making Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Products! Your Friend Forever!
— Jennifer G. Saint Petersburg, FL
Saints and Sinners is not like any other product I have ever used on my hair. It’s taken my old, tired hair and made it absolutely young again! Incredibly soft and shiny. The shampoo and conditioner are a match made in heaven and I use the the styling potion before I flat iron, total game changer!!!
— Kathy M. via Facebook
I used my wand for the first time today since using the products. I liked using it before but my hair would always look so damaged after using it and my ends would be so dry. Today it’s so smooth and soft even after using the wand. This stuff is seriously a game changer.
— Rachael K. Cullman, AL
Lovee the Styling Potion it’s to Die for…
— Tami J. via Facebook
I am almost 39 years old and I have made love to my hair for the first time ever in my life! You know what they say, once you start you’ll never go back! I try to only wash my hair 2 times a week, with the velvet collection my hair not only lasts to be washed twice a week but feels so incredibly luxurious in between washings! Thank you for creating an incredible, sustainable and friendly product!
— Macey S. Las Vegas, NV
The entire Velvet hair care line is superior to all other brands in quality and it truly shows in their products!! Thanks for making such a great product!
— Vincent G. via Facebook
Saints & Sinners is like no other hair product I’ve used before. And the fragrance is unbelievable! Love it!!!
— Jeannie S. Pelahatchie, MS
Obsessed! Love it so much
— Shelley R. via Instagram
Saints & Sinners hair products are the best I have ever tried. Leaves my hair feeling + smelling great. I will purchase more! LOVE!
— Joni L. Mission Viejo, CA
You guys I am OBSESSED with this Leave-In Conditioner from Saints and Sinners! Having fine hair, I can never find a leave in product that doesn’t weigh my hair down, but their cream-to-mist technology allows me to adjust as needed with a feather light spray. My hair is silky soft and not at all oily. I haven’t been able to stop touching my hair all day!
— Kayla W. via Instagram