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Does your hair dry out faster than the Sahara desert?  Have you scoured Google for answers only to receive dubious diagnosis?  Although medical conditions like iron deficiencies and poor diets can certainly apply, we always jump to the worst-case scenario when confronted with dry scalps and dehydrated hair.  More likely than not, they are situationally produced through a combination of variables.  From the snacks you consume to the pillowcases you sleep on, your habits can cause dryness regardless of the hair products you slather on.

Consider Your Hair Type 

While piling on the moisture sounds like an all-purpose strategy, you need to consider your hair type and environmental conditions. Weather and climate will suck out moisture for those living in drier regions. You also need to think about your hair type.  If you fall under Types 3 and 4, you’re going to be more susceptible to lacking moisture as the oils from your scalp have greater difficulty reaching the outer shaft of your hair. Types 1 and 2 generally have an easier time maintaining moisture.

No matter the type, starting with a leave-in conditioner is always the way to go.  Start with applying 1-3 pumps – more if your hair is thicker, longer or just plain needier.  Using a product like Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner is the perfect choice as its patented technology utilizing self-leveling conditioners provides the perfect amount of conditioning regardless of hair type and porosity.

Moisture Retention

Let’s talk about porosity which is a huge factor when it comes to moisture retention.  You can test your hairs porosity by taking a small section of hair (ok yes, you’ll need to cut a few strands) and dropping into a glass of water.  Hair with low porosity will float and hair that instantaneously sinks has higher porosity.  The hair porosity sweet spot is reserved for hair that gradually sinks.  Consider a slow sink to the bottom ok.  For those with high porosity, the more protection you can provide to the delicate outer layer of your hair, the better.  Replenishing that porous hair with protective and nutritive ingredients, in essence filling up those potholes, is also the way to go.  Starting with Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner followed by a smoothing thermal and environmental protectant like Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Styling Potion provides serious protection for the assaults our hair faces on the daily.  Use it on damp or dry hair for humidity resistant protection, shine and moisture.

Chemical & Thermal Damage 

How we choose to style our hair and the choices we make when it comes to chemical processes has a direct impact on our hairs moisture level.  You’re losing moisture with every pass of that flat iron, unless protected with a heat protectant like Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Styling Potion.  Chemical services also rob strands of much needed moisture.  Protect hair from the beginning with Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner and replenish lost moisture weekly with Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Hair Masque.  Of course, putting down the thermal appliances gives hair a much needed respite.  Limiting bleach services and high-processed color also does your hair good when it comes to retaining moisture.

Mechanical Damage

Did you know the simple of act of shampooing can lead to moisture loss?  Rubbing those strands together to create that sudsy foam can leave the outer cuticle of the hair lifted, dry, tangled and ultimately hemorrhaging moisture.  Use a moisturizing shampoo with anti-friction ingredients like award winning Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Moisture Shampoo.  Your hair will be left feeling and looking it’s best while maintaining that critical moisture and warding off frictional damage.  Mechanical damage can also result from ponytails, brushes and tools we use.  That’s why it’s critical to start every style with a detangling, protective, moisturizing product like Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner.


Although wet and damp hair may appear interchangeable, there’s a huge difference between moisture absorption. With wet hair already dripping with moisture, product applications may be lost in the drying process as compared to applying products to damp hair.  We suggest using our Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner as it will eliminate tangles and frizz while providing all of the good preventative protection like adding shine and moisture.  If you can embrace your natural texture by letting your hair air dry naturally, it’s the preferred way to go when it comes to moisture retention versus drying with heat every time.  If you’re working with hair that is already dry, applying Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Styling Potion to your style adds an extra layer of moisture and protection.


When it comes to establishing healthy hair hydration habits, prevention always outweighs damage control. Try not to overuse those heat appliances, limit aggressive color services or over washing until your hair feels like straw.  Use protective, moisturizing products and eat a healthy diet.  Commit to forming a partnership for moisturized length retention, hair growth and tangle free beautiful locks.

Sinfully Good Styling!